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Sassamon Trace
Golf Course

First come, first serve throughout the winter months. Walking only. Temporary Greens (holes cut in fairways). $15 for 9 holes. 


Opening Times (updated 11/28):

Monday – 12 pm (Temporary greens/ Walking ONLY)

Tuesday – 12 pm (Temporary greens/ Walking ONLY)

Wednesday – 10 am (Temporary greens/ Walking ONLY)







Enjoy our beautiful course in Natick, MA


Sassamon Trace is a nine-hole executive length golf course designed in the classic tradition with the beginning golfer in mind. Following the classic style, the natural terrain was studied and the holes were routed accordingly. The steep side slope of the landfill is utilized as a strategic element, defining the right edge of each of the Natick holes.

While the wind will truly effect golf shots on the landfill, the summer prevailing wind will help play. Take for example, the third hole with the prevailing wind coming from right to left, the opposite direction the shot should be played, holding the shot.

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