Welcome to Sassamon Trace Golf Course!

Welcome to Sassamon Trace Golf Course, your number one option for a round of golf in Natick, Massachusetts. Sassamon Trace is located partially on the Natick landfill and an apple orchard in Sherbron. The picturesque setting gives Sassamon Trace Golf Course a unique feel. In addition to fantastic play, Sassamon gives players a numbers of options for season tickets as well as lessons. We work hard year in and year out to stay true to the traditions of this classic game of golf. Here at Sassamon Trace Golf Course we blend attention to detail with hospitable service.

Natick golf at its finest

Sassamon Trace is a nine hole executive length golf course designed in the classic tradition. Following the classic style, the natural terrain was studied and the holes were routed accordingly. The steep side slope of the landfill is utilized as a strategic element, defining the right edge of each of the Natick holes. While the wind will truly effect golf shots on the landfill, the summer prevailing wind will help play. Take for example, the third hole with the prevailing wind coming from right to left, the opposite direction the shot should be played, holding the shot. Each hole has plenty of tee space and angle variation for a different look each time the course is played. The large greens will boost the confidence of golfers by allowing them to find ‘the dance floor’ more often than not, but don’t think every hole is a birdie. With gentle rolls and changes in slope, the premium was placed on putting at Sassamon Trace.